> Band members
Vannnessa Pipe : vocals
Emma Goss : double bass
Mike Pannell : guitar
Pete [?] : drums

> Discography
1991 - Pink LP (Fury) /CD (Vampirette)

1989 or 1990 - Something To Remember (Fury)


Something Shocking were a psychobilly band with a strong pop edge formed in the late 80's. They first started with Doug Sheperd on guitar and Vannessa on bass and vocals going under the names of Biffa & the Bacons and Mission Impossible, before they were joined by Emma who was a far better bassist thant Vannessa.
Then after one year, Doug left, officially to join the Rattlers (where he was playing before) but also due to personnal reasons. His replacement was Mike who previously played with Demented Are Go.
The band supported many psychobilly bands like Guana Batz, Klingonz, Restless and also played the Big Rumble twice They finally recorded an album for Dell Richardson's Fury records (made in two days) that reflects the various influences of the bands (from psychobilly to pop stuff like Deacon Blue and 60's girl bands). They parted ways three months after the release of the album. They could have a higher degree of success: the song were good and they were different and originals compared to many other bands.
Emma remained very active and played with the Griswald and she can be found playing with The Unknowns, Razzle Dazzle (Bill Haley tribute band), Oo-Bop-Sh-Bam, Johnny Gunner...