> Band members
Aris de Vries: Vocals, Guitar
Frank Bayer: Solo Guitar, Ukelele
Kay Kesting: Double Bass, T-bass
Richard Weydert: Washboard / Drums
Paul van de Groen:Drums (after Richard left

> Discography
Cool Cat Go Ape
2 tracks - Big Shot Records 01 [1986]

Crackle Rattle Bash
Count Orlock - ROCK II [1988]


Crackle Rattle Bash started around 1986 when Kay and Aris performed in a squater’s building in Arnhem. Kay played his T-bass and Aris played guitar and sang.
Afterwards they regularly played the streets of Amsterdam and one day Richard passed by and joined them on washboard. Much later they were asked to perform on the Cool Cat Go Ape album.
Frank Bayer joined the band and in July 1987 they recorded their first on only album on the Count Orlok label. The washboard was switched for drums and the T-bass was dropped for the Double Bass. After many gigs in Holland, a short tour with Batmobile in Germany, and a change of drummer, Crackle Rattle Bash split around 1990.