The Country Cabin Boys
- USA / California -


Band members
T.K. Smith: guitar
Ashley Kingman: guitar
Lee Jeffriess: steel guitar
Johnny Noble: bass
Bobby Trimble: drums
Wounded Knee Polka/ Lucky's Lullaby
Ecco-Fonic - EF 1002
  More a recording project than a real band, The Country Cabin Boys were half of the Fly-Right Boys with guest appearance by former Fly Rite member the great TK Smith. Bass player Wally Hersom avoided bass duties to concentrate on recording and ex-Ecco-Fonic Johnny Noble played on this sides.
The Country Cabin Boys performed some kind of instrumental hillbilly jazz in the same vein Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant did. The song Lucky's Lullaby would later appear in an updated version called "Rhapsody In Violet" on the Fly Rite Boys solo album "Big Sandy presents..."