> Band members
Bob Butfoy: vocals, rhythm guitar
Jay Miles: guitar
Darrel Higham: double bass
Speller: drums
  The Backseat Jivers started in 1990 as a duo with Bob Butfoy (voc./guitar) and Jay Miles (lead guitar) but soon were joined by Darrel Higham on bass and Ian Speller on drums, both from Rusti Steel & The Tin Tax at that time. They played a raw sounding mix of Rock'n'roll and rockabilly. When some of the members weren't able to play some gigs they were replaced by occasionnal stand-in : Rob Potter (drums), Steve Clark (doublebass) or Brian Ralph (bass guitar).They never really broke on the rock'n'roll scene and split in August 1991. Butfoy and Higham later formed Bob & The Bearcats in September 1991.