Ruby Ann
  Train to Satanville [2010]
Wild Records
Train To Satansville - Dynamite - Ain't That Loving You Baby - That's The Way I Feel - I Want A Lover - I Hear You Talking - Just For You - Look At That Moon - Eeny-Meeny-Miney-Moe - The Big Bounce - Don't Call Me Honey - King Of My Heart

Here is an album I should have been reviewing earlier. Why haven’t I done it before? I was waitin’ to be sure what to tell about it, to find the correct words to describe what I’ve heard. But now time has come. Here is the album I was waiting for and it was worth waiting! Ruby (read her interview here) has a huge potential but until today she wasn’t really using it totally. She was still a kind of young lady waitin’ to mature. And now it happens maybe thanks to her wedding with Eddie Clendening but surely thanks to the Wild Records genius, the “modern” Sam Phillips, Reb Kennedy and his sidekick Omar Romero …Ruby is now a woman and she is gonna rock your socks off!!
Her invitation to take the “Train To Satanville” smells sulphur and debauchery…first have a look at the gal’s sexy glance on the front cover while listening to the first eponymous song and then take a look at the back cover pic! Now, do you understand what I mean?
You’re now on board of that evil train so fastens your belt and be prepared to improve the taste of wild rock’n’roll on 12 tracks played by Eddie Clendenning sharing the lead guitar with Gautier Golab, Iggy Garcia on upright bass, Jeff Gerow on drums and Luis Arriaga on rhythm guitar.
No new songs except an original penned by Lil' Luis Arriaga but only pure and simple right to the heart good rock’n’roll songs to dance, bop, stroll, scream, drink and even flirt to. Listen to Ruby Ann’s covers of “Dynamite”, “Aint That Lovin' You Baby", "The Way I feel" , “Just For You”, “Eeny-Meeny-Mo” “The Big Bounce”, “Don’t Call Me Honey” and the new version of "I Hear You Talkin" with maracas that seem to be especially written for her.

Long Tall